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Mobile Billboard Advertising in Jacksonville, FL

Looking to reach a larger audience in Jacksonville, FL? Consider Geometria's mobile billboard advertising services with LED billboard trucks for your next marketing campaign.

Jacksonville Mobile Billboards by Geometria Company

At Geometria, we proudly offer our top-of-the-line mobile digital LED trucks to businesses looking for high-impact, cost-effective advertising in Jacksonville. Our mobile billboards are customizable and non-intrusive, making them perfect for capturing the attention of potential customers in any area. In addition to these benefits, here are three more reasons why our mobile billboard company in Jacksonvilleis the ideal choice for businesses looking to increase their visibility in the city:

Access to a Wide Range of Target Markets

Our LED billboard trucks can reach a wide range of target markets in Jacksonville, including tourists, local residents, and business professionals.

Highly Memorable

The mobile billboard's large size and bright LED displays make them memorable. Their memorability ensures that your brand remains top of mind long after potential customers see your ads.

Maximum Flexibility

Our mobile advertising truck campaigns are incredibly flexible, allowing you to choose where and when your ads appear. So our team can help you create a campaign that meets your unique needs, whether you're targeting specific events, high-traffic areas, or neighborhoods.


Solo Truck

$150 /hour

  • Minimum 6 hours per day
  • Custom route
  • No requirements for AD length
  • 3 sides of truck for your AD

Monthly Truck

$1290 /month

  • 8 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • The route is a subject to prior confirmation
  • 15 seconds AD length (40 times per hour)
  • One place on the one truck side for your AD

HY Truck

$6540 /6 months

  • 8 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • The route is a subject to prior confirmation
  • 15 seconds AD length (40 times per hour)
  • One place on the one truck side for your AD

Annual Truck

$11880 /1 year

  • 8 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • The route is a subject to prior confirmation
  • 15 seconds AD length (40 times per hour)
  • One place on the one truck side for your AD

Jacksonville Events where a Mobile Billboard can Generate High Visibility

Jacksonville, Florida, is home to numerous events that present great opportunities for mobile billboard advertising. Here are some examples of events where mobile billboard trucks in Jacksonvillecan generate high visibility:

  • The Players Championship: This annual golf tournament held in March at TPC Sawgrass draws huge crowds of golf enthusiasts and spectators. A mobile billboard can promote brands, products, or services uniquely and engagingly to this captive audience.
  • Jacksonville Jazz Festival: This festival is held every May in Downtown Jacksonville and features various jazz music acts from local and national artists. With large crowds gathering in the streets, a mobile billboard can promote your brand and attract attention from festival-goers.
  • One Spark: One Spark is a crowd-funding festival celebrating innovation and creativity, drawing in entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians to showcase their ideas. A mobile billboard can provide valuable exposure to start-ups and small businesses looking to be noticed.
  • Florida vs. Georgia Football Game: This annual football game is held in November at TIAA Bank Field and is a major event for sports fans in the city. With the high traffic and crowds around the stadium, a LED truck in Jacksonvillecan reach a large and diverse audience, promoting brands or products uniquely and memorably.
  • Jacksonville Light Boat Parade: A festive holiday event featuring boats decked out in holiday lights and decorations. Mobile billboards can target areas near the parade route to increase visibility for businesses and sponsors.
  • Art Walk: Held on the first Wednesday of every month, Art Walk is a popular event that showcases local artists and performers. A digital billboard truck can help you reach out to this creative audience and promote your product or service in a unique way.

Benefits of using Truck Advertising in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a vibrant city with a lot of growth potential for businesses of all kinds. Mobile billboard advertising is a unique and innovative way to promote your brand and reach your target audience. At Geometria, we understand the benefits of mobile advertising in Jacksonville. We have helped numerous clients successfully execute their marketing campaigns. Here are some additional reasons why you should consider our mobile truck advertising company:

  • Flexible Targeting: Our LED billboard trucks can navigate the city streets, enabling you to reach your audience in any location at any time.
  • Creative freedom: With mobile billboard truck advertising, you have the freedom to design your ads in any way you like. You can create a captivating message that resonates with your target audience and stands out from the competition.
  • Increased brand awareness: Our mobile billboard trucks generate high visibility and allow you to reach a wider audience, raising brand awareness and recognition.
  • Detailed tracking: We provide detailed tracking of your campaign, including the number of impressions, reach, and engagement, so that you can track the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

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